Industrial fit outs tailored to your exact specification 

Industrial fit outs tailored to your exact specification 

We make production areas safer and more efficient 

No matter what kind of sector your industrial business operates in, ranging from energy and renewables to manufacturing, storage and logistics, Domino can help you to accelerate your production rates and take efficiency to a whole new level. 
Due to the changing needs of modern industrial sites and factories, what was recently a logical and effective floorplan may now have become clunky due to constraints and bottlenecks. It could be a case of machinery and equipment requiring more efficient arrangements, the addition of new areas for meetings and storage, restructured walkways and internal vehicle routes for faster production, or any other key factor that will help you to optimise the way your industrial facility operates on a daily basis. 
By partnering with Domino for an industrial fit out or tailored factory renovations, you’ll gain expert insight, creative input and a comprehensive design and build service, all of which are dedicated to enabling your industrial business to progress to the next level. 

Safety is a core part of an industrial fit out 

We’re passionate about supporting our clients’ health and safety procedures by applying our knowledge to the creation of safe working arrangements. As a factory, production line or logistics facility grows, so too do its specific needs. These can fall by the wayside over time, resulting in areas becoming hazardous and causing accident and injury, which in turn can lead to absenteeism and worse. 
In order to maximise health and safety in your industrial premises, we’ll provide in-depth space analysis and interior design plans that focus on flow, visibility, access and safe working. Aside from benefiting the health and wellbeing of your workers, this will also help to further increase efficiency, productivity, collaboration and output. 

We’re passionate about employee engagement 

When a production line, factory or other industrial site is optimised in terms of layout, design, lighting, safety and workplace ergonomics, employee engagement naturally increases too. This is because workers feel more valued by their employer and confident in their roles, which leads to greater engagement, faster output, higher product quality, and a competitive edge in what will always be a fast-paced sector. 
The team at Domino has worked with multiple industrial clients who were interested in how our design and build services can benefit employee engagement. The most obvious advantage is that the better the design of an industrial space, the easier it is for employees to carry out their roles in a stress-free fashion. However, the benefits of an industrial fit out or factory renovation go beyond convenience and ease of use, as efficient design also sits at the heart of longstanding lean manufacturing principles and visual management strategies. 
Through an industrial refit, you can fully apply a range of management techniques that empower your staff and make everything run more smoothly. 

Domino can help with you with your industrial renovation or refit project. 

Contact us to find out more. 
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