The Brief 

Analytical Testing Sciences (ALS) engaged with Domino Commercial Interiors to help them achieve a very specific goal. 

This goal was to achieve British Standards Institute (BSI) Committee AW/012 on Sensory Analysis for the design and build of a bespoke Sensory Analysis Facility. 
Our role was to create a purpose-built laboratory-standard kitchen, which would be the largest of its kind in the UK. The facility required several facilities, including twelve bespoke testing booths, meeting rooms, a kitchen preparation area, workshop area, open-plan office, dry store, and walk-in fridge/chiller. Together these facilities would allow ALS to offer a wide range of sensory testing, cooking validation and new product development solutions 

Our Approach 

Our Approach 

Domino Commercial Interiors delivered this on time and within budget to an expected standard. 

Due to the sheer scale of this state-of-the-art facility, an in-depth consultation with the client was crucial as a means of understanding their requirements in terms of ergonomics, general layout and how the facilities would function. The vision was highly ambitious and required the right advice, expertise and support from our teams’ full remit of this sophisticated undertaking. Domino Commercial Interiors delivered this on time and within budget to an expected standard. 

The Challenges 

This project came with multiple unique challenges, such as securing a safe and segregated working environment which didn’t have an impact on workflow elsewhere in the building. The solution was to secure the perimeter of the new lab, creating an airtight space with new entry and egress points in which to work. This allowed our team to operate whilst controlling noise and dust pollution and cross-contamination, which could otherwise have affected adjacent labs. 
In addition, it was imperative that the finished laboratory-standard kitchen was designed so that aromas were unable to escape during food preparation, as this could influence test results. This was achieved through complex Mechanical and Electrical and lighting designs, such as negative pressure when extracting smells from the laboratory. 

The Outcome 

Domino Commercial Interiors delivered office and breakout spaces as an addition to training facilities that allow ALS to provide a much wider array of services and revenue streams. These include training courses, cooking validation services and sensory testing services, such as descriptive testing, discrimination testing, benchmark testing and consumer testing. Since handing over the project to ALS, the company has been able to carry out in-depth testing and is now UKAS accredited. 

Talk to us! 

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