Are you sitting productively? 

Are you sitting productively? 

Workplace furniture to maximise efficiency and workflow 

Having comfortable employees is a very important factor when designing a modern office or workplace, as awkward and uncomfortable chairs and desks can lead to all kinds of problems. Aside from increasing efficiency, workflow and accessibility, the right kind of workplace furniture also supports employee health and wellbeing through ergonomic design and the ability to customise settings to suit the individual. 

Posture is directly linked to productivity 

Sitting in the wrong position, even only slightly, can cause a variety of health problems for office workers. Sitting at a poorly designed workstation for hours on end can result in aches and pains, fatigue, eye strain, headaches, repetitive strain injury, poor digestion, mental health problems and severely reduced wellbeing. 
As part of our dedicated service, we’ll help you to choose the best workplace furniture for your premises without going over budget. This will ensure that your employees remain comfortable, capable and confident in their roles, which is a major investment in heightened productivity and workflow. 

You don’t even need a screwdriver 

We provide an in-depth space planning service that incorporates practicality, sustainability, environmental awareness, aesthetics and cost. There’s also no need to worry about having to ask your staff to work overtime in order to assemble all of your new workplace furniture, as our installation teams are trained in the handling and erecting of our entire range. 
All you have to do is choose your favourite products and we’ll manage the transportation, construction and layout for you. This doesn’t even have to be done whilst you’re on the premises, as we can also work out of hours to keep disruption to absolute zero 

The 5 pillars of effective workplace furniture 

There are multiple considerations when it comes to choosing workplace furniture, each of which need to be present in every chair, desk, table and workstation: 
Dependable construction designed around heavy usage. 
Ergonomic design keeps the user comfortable and prevents injury, plus luxurious leather chairs can elevate the prestige of a workplace. 
The right kind of furniture for every requirement, from desk-based tasks to meetings and corporate events. 
Many models of workplace furniture come with handy features, such as castor wheels, glides, floor protectors and the option to be stacked. 
When you choose high-quality workplace furniture, you gain the peace of mind that every item has been designed with user safety in mind. 

Our workplace furniture partners 

We only work with the most trusted, experienced and reliable suppliers of workplace furniture: 
If you'd like to know more about how Domino can fulfil your furniture requirements, contact us today. 
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