Smart offices boost morale and increase productivity 

Smart offices boost morale and increase productivity 

What does your office say about your business? 

Though service delivery and customer experience are paramount when it comes to running a company, your physical surroundings still have a major influence over how people perceive your business. Old and tired offices with poor layouts and bland environments can let down an otherwise flawless brand, which is why Domino is dedicated to bringing commercial spaces to life through top-quality office refurbishments. 

Upgrade your workplace without relocating 

Maybe your current offices simply don’t look the part, or perhaps it’s the even bigger issue of no longer having enough space for your growing team. It could also be a case of your premises not being fully accessible, lacking the right kind of facilities, or impeding rather than maximising workflow. If any of these situations apply to your company, it’s time for a Domino office refurbishment. 
We can create innovative designs for your office refurbishment project with a core focus on helping you to overcome operational obstacles and remove workflow bottlenecks. Whether it’s only part of your offices that need upgrading or you’re looking for a comprehensive commercial refurbishment project manager, we’re ready to discuss your vision and produce a fully bespoke solution. 

Minimum disruption is key to a successful refurb 

As well as offering best-in-class design and build services, we’re also serious about minimising disruption to your day-to-day productivity during the delivery stage. Over the years we’ve carried out thorough office refurbishments in occupied environments, allowing employees to continue their tasks without having to work from home. This can be achieved by focusing on each space in succession or providing flexibility in working methods and patterns, such as the majority of the work being delivered outside of business hours. 

Creating hybrid workspaces 

We’ve also helped multiple businesses to embrace hybrid working by optimising on-site spaces. When staff work both in the office and from home, certain areas and workstations can potentially be left vacant for significant periods of time. In order to increase efficiency, we can work with you to develop the optimal layout for your hybrid office, which combines dedicated workstations with hotdesking facilities and similar flexible arrangements. For a confidential chat about creating that perfect office space get in touch with our team today. 
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