Creating energising atmospheres in multiple sectors 

Creating energising atmospheres in multiple sectors 

From offices, factories and shops to restaurants, gyms and classrooms 

From offices, factories and shops to restaurants, gyms and classrooms 

Office refits 

One of our most popular services is the design and build of offices that require comprehensive refurbishments and transformative refits. Overhaul of your space allows you to breathe new life into a new or existing commercial building and integrate your vision and values throughout. 

Leisure facility refurbishments 

Whether you run a gym, fitness centre or any other kind of leisure facility, we excel in the modern and vibrant refurbishment of spaces that require a serious upgrade. Health and fitness centre fit outs, gym refits and leisure centre refurbishments require in-depth planning that incorporates health and safety, user experience and stakeholder interests in equal measure, so you can rest assured that Domino is your trusted partner for leisure sector refurbs on any scale. 

We also work closely with hospitality businesses such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, applying our expert eye and creative flair to create spaces that attract attention and retain customer loyalty. 

Industrial space planning 

Industrial sites and factories are extremely busy places that require expert design and layout. We work with industrial clients to create production floors and other environments that are fully optimised and ready for anything. By listening to your requirements and factoring in specific requests such as lean management principles, together we can get your industrial business running at peak efficiency. 

Facilities management 

Domino works closely with facilities management companies to ensure that their premises maintain a competitive edge. Working in line with strict frameworks, we know how to increase profitability whilst improving the daily lives of a building’s users. 

Education refurbishment 

From nurseries and schools to colleges, universities and training centres, Domino supports the education sector by providing exceptional refurbishment projects to accommodate modern learning. Our team will minimise disruption whilst transforming your classroom environments, ensuring that staff and students can continue lessons to full effect throughout the refurbishment project. 

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