Modern bar refit & refurbishment services 

Modern bar refit & refurbishment services 

Become THE place to meet, eat and retreat 

Over the years, we’ve worked with multiple bars, restaurants, bistros, pubs, taphouses and coffee shops to reimagine existing spaces and maximise brand exposure. By investing in clever design and meticulous build services, you can revitalise an eatery or bar that needs a refresh or open up an entirely new hospitality business and make your mark from day one. 

Increase capacity, footfall and customer loyalty 

There are three main factors when it comes to eateries and drinking establishments: how many people you can comfortably and safely fit inside your premises, how many visitors you receive, and how often they make return visits. Many restaurants and bars have layouts that look fine to the naked eye, yet which can be greatly improved by a professional design and build team. By analysis your spatial requirements and creating a bespoke design plan, we can potentially expand your bar capacity and increase the maximum number of covers by a significant amount. 
When combined with interesting design elements that grab attention, delight the viewer and, in this day and age, encourage photos and selfies, you have yourself a restaurant and bar refurbishment service that will bring a strong return on investment. 

Transforming hotels, gyms and leisure facilities 

Our work in the leisure sector isn’t limited to bars and restaurants, as we also work with hotels, gyms, leisure centres and indoor sports facilities to apply expert commercial interior design to full effect. 
Whilst a gym refit or leisure centre refurbishment project will certainly breathe new life into your business, our services also bring multiple other benefits. For instance, a refurbishment can create entirely new spaces for different types of sports, activities and gym equipment, allowing you to diversify and expand your offering in order to maintain that all-important competitive edge.  
A refit can also focus on increasing safety, accessibility, movement, visibility and ventilation, which are imperative factors when it comes to the experience and wellbeing of your customers. 
As for hotels, a refurbishment can mean the difference between doing alright and becoming the favourite overnight stay for couples, families and businesspeople from around the UK and beyond, not to mention the potential for adding popular and profitable new facilities to your current offering. 
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