Make room for growth through space analysis 

Make room for growth through space analysis 

Space planning that aligns with your needs and goals 

Space planning is a vital part of designing workplace interiors, as it acts as a foundation for efficiency, productivity, safety, and how your premises will be used by employees, visitors and customers. Being expert space planners, we’ll ensure that your designs are shaped around optimal space planning that delivers a smooth, healthy, confident and effective experience for its users. 

Making the most of every millimetre 

Many offices, factories, classrooms and hospitality venues are poorly designed in terms of space, which can inhibit collaboration, communication, free movement and workflow. The team at Domino will analyse your spatial requirements and create bespoke designs that facilitate daily access, usage and storage in a foolproof and futureproof way. This involves taking into account the structure, layout, size and orientation of each internal space and making every millimetre count. 

Designing accessible workplaces 

Space planning focuses on the people that access the premises, so it’s imperative that each room and area is actually accessible. From the general layout to specific considerations throughout, we integrate accessibility into our designs to create truly inclusive, welcoming and comfortable commercial spaces that serve the needs of everyone. 

What are the benefits of space planning? 

Space planning is an integral part of an interior’s design and build, as it brings multiple benefits to a business and its employees. Some of these advantages include: 
Natural workflow is optimised and spatial constraints are removed from the equation. 
Employee wellbeing 
Space planning has the user at its heart, which means a workplace that caters to the needs of your employees. 
We design spaces that are accessible and safe for all users. 
Unique requirements 
Whether you want to include a private meeting room, a vibrant breakout space or something that no other workplace can boast, space planning makes anything possible. 
Room for growth 
Whilst each area is used to its full potential, space planning can also factor in potential opportunities for future development and expansion. 
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