The Brief 

A design scheme for a canteen/café area 

Twinkl collaborated with Domino Commercial Interiors in the inspiring task to produce a design scheme for a canteen/café area for the exclusive use of its staff, Domino applied our creativity, imagination and innovative ideas in collaboration with the client. The concept revolved around a proactive space where staff could use microwaves to heat their own food, as well as a servery counter offering soups, quiches, jacket potatoes and salads. 

Our Approach 

Our Approach 

“positive spaces pave the way to positive impact” 

Taking the mantra of “positive spaces pave the way to positive impact” and applying it to the entire design process, Domino proposed a bright, airy, modern and inviting dining space that would double up as the perfect spot for meetings, presentations, gatherings and social events. This was achieved through the incorporation of movable furniture and sofas that allow flexibility and variation of use. 

The Challenges 

Dominos’ main consideration was how to integrate biophilic design throughout the space as a central theme rather than an afterthought. Twinkl made it clear that placing direct or indirect elements of nature throughout the built environment was crucial to the design phase, as research has shown that they reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing creativity, productivity and self-reported rates of wellbeing. As you can see in the images provided, the use of living walls, hanging baskets, planters and other green elements greatly influenced both the visual and functional aspects of the design plan. 
Additional challenges were to ensure that the main floor remained open for flexibility, the toilet and waste facilities were positioned away from the kitchen area, “quiet corners” were included in logical locations, and the staff tea-point needed to be central without becoming the main focal point. 

The Outcome 

Through in-depth space planning, natural flow, a focus on biophilic design and various seating options that offer employees multiple options, the Twinkl canteen is now a hub of dining, communication, collaboration and social events. It greatly appeals to a younger audience and is used to its full potential throughout the day. 

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